Helping Our Homeless One bag at a time

Project: We See You 2012 – The Full Story

Project: We See You was inspired after I wrote about some beautiful words that popped up in my Facebook feed, and the following interaction I had with a homeless woman outside of Starbucks.

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You…Unless

Soon after, I decided I would make a few bags of my own to hand out to the homeless of Houston.

Project: We See You

I had no idea people, from all over, would come through to make this bigger than I’d planned.

Project: We See You – An Update

Way Bigger.

Project: We See You – Beautiful Progress

My heart exploded from the generosity of so many people – some of them friends, some total strangers.

Project: We See You – Big, Wonderful News

So many friends came over to help me stuff bags and prepare them for distribution.

Project: We See You – With a Little Help From My Friends

It was amazing.

Project: We See You – The Final Lap

The night I handed them out was like nothing I’d ever experienced. It changed who I was and how I planned on living from then on.

Project: We See You – Full Circle…For Now

Wanting to help out more, I participated in the annual Houston Homeless Count.

Project: We See You –  Houston Homeless Count

Then, helped to make people’s first houses, into a home.

Project: We See You – Making a House a Home

With the help of so many, we made it happen.

Project: We See You – A Story About Storypeople

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