Helping Our Homeless One bag at a time

Project: We See You 2013: Homestretch!

Hi guys!

Well, we’re in the homestretch for this year’s project!


My son’s school has taken this up as their community service project for December. They set up bins around the campus to collect donations. They also took an excerpt from the first piece I wrote on homelessness, publishing it in their weekly post. My mind is officially blown.


When I told Luca that I’d written this page, he thought it was the coolest. It earned me major mom points and made him more interested in Project: We See You.

The students and their families will be packing the bags this weekend. I really can’t believe it. Like I wrote in my letter to the school, “All I’ve ever wanted was for this to become a movement of love and compassion, and I’m moved beyond words to see this dream coming true.”

You people, you good, wonderful, generous people, have given so much. As of now, I have raised $3,665. Amazing! I’m so grateful and I wish I could hug all of you!

Today I began purchasing all the items and it looks like I’ll be able to put together around 150 bags  this year! That’s 100 more than last year! Because of you.

Happy tears.

If you still want to buy a bag, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Thank you so much for making this a world where I’m proud to raise my kids.

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