Helping Our Homeless One bag at a time

Update and Donation Information


In today’s post, I will attempt to forgo the chit-chat and extra adjectives and just get to the point.

(No promises.)

You guys have gone above and beyond and, for that, I thank you so much. In one week, Project: We See You has raised $2,215! I can’t wait to finally go buy those boots I’ve been wanting (KIDDING).

I’ve been impressed with the overall usability of Fundly, but I do have one small thing to bitch about. I tried to go in last night and change the default donation to $1, but it wouldn’t allow it. So, then I tried $5, and it still wouldn’t go for it. This rubs me the wrong way, because it sounds very presumptuous of me to assume everyone has $10 to spare. So, please know this is not my request. If there is anyone who wants to donate less than $10, we can always set something up through PayPal – even the mail! A dollar is a dollar and I appreciate whatever amount you’re able to offer.

Second, if you’re not able to contribute financially, but still want to help, I’ll gladly (and so gratefully) accept in-kind donations (new and gently used). I mean, you can send me an old blanket, sweatshirt, or one tube of Neosporin – all of it is just as needed and helpful as cold, hard cash.

And, you know what? If you’d rather go out and donate these items in your own city?  That’s amazing and I say GO FOR IT!

Let’s see….

A good family friend who just happens to specialize in teeth donated 900 disposable toothbrushes! 900! Thank you Norman and Cristina Speer!

My boys have a kids care club at school and they will be helping to pack the bags once all the supplies are in. A Brownie Troop is also going to contribute by grouping and organizing items, before they go in the bags. And, to both of these things I say YES for teaching kids compassion and YES for child labor (ha).

I’ve yet to began purchasing items, because I want to get a better idea of my budget and how many bags it will allow. So, if you want to send anything for the bags, here is a list of needed items!

Long-sleeved shirts
Winter hats and gloves
Rain ponchos (Disposable or not)
Band-aids, Neosporin, Tylenol (or anything that can be used in a first-aid kit)
Cereal Bars (or any other easy to eat, non-perishable food items)
Water bottles (With water or empty, reusable ones)
McDonald’s Arch Cards (or any meal cards)
Feminine Products
Manicure Kit
Houston Metro Passes
Body lotion
Socks (socks are HUGELY needed)
Shaving razors
Feminine Products (Imagine being homeless and not having those?!)
Toilet Paper
Wet Wipes
Dog Food

Let me know if you’d like to send any of these items. I’m renting a PO Box and I’ll have that address soon.

Lastly, my non-profit status is pending approval so it should be ready as soon as the red tape is ripped off (and we all know how easy that is!).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Love you guys!

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